Timothy A. Pauszek

                     106 E. Pine St. Dunkirk, New York 14048 |bluepikepress@gmail.com | 716-785-2909


May2014        AlfredUniversity, Alfred, NY, B.A.Interdisciplinary Art and Chemistry

Professional Experience

2018                Preparator: Davidson Galleries, Seattle, WA

2015                2DTechnician: New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University,Alfred, NY

2015                Quality Assurance Technician: CottBeverage Company, Dunkirk, NY

2014                Printmaking Product Intern: GamblinArtist Colors, Portland, OR

2013                Visiting Artist in Printmaking: DunkirkSenior High School, Dunkirk, NY

Selected Exhibitions

2018                In Cahoots With...*, Cohen Gallery, Alfred, NY

                         Wreckage*, Rush Rhee Art and Music Library and Gallery, Rochester, NY

2017                Alberta/Alfred Print Exchange, AlbertaCollege of Art and Design, Canada

2016                Exhibitions of Expanded Media Faculty andStudents, SoAD Alfred University, Gallery 517, Tsinghua

                        University, BeijingChina

                        Emerging Artist Exhibition, LetchworthState Park, NY

                        Expanding Print Media, POP Gallery, Queensland College of Art,Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia

                        International Photographic Solarplate Exhibition, Alex Ferrone Gallery,Cutchogue, NY

                        Members Exhibition, Western New YorkBook Arts Center, Buffalo, NY

                        Chronodrift: An Alfred Print Media AlumniExhibition, Lumber Room, Portland, OR

                        Plymouth/Alfred Print Exchange, PlymouthCollege of Art, Plymouth, United Kingdom

2015                Ink All Over the God Damn Carpet, TurnerGallery, Alfred, NY

                        Southern Graphics Council InternationalTraveling Student Exhibition, Knoxville, TN

                        (andadditional US and international locations)

2014                Millennials, The PRAG, Pittsburg, PA

                        The Basement Show, Brick Studio Gallery,Alfred, NY


2018-Present  Seattle Print Arts (board member)

2016-Present   Western New York Book Arts Center

2013-Present   Southern Graphics Council International

Awards, Publications, and Presentations

2016                Snapshot: A Brief History Told ThroughInstagram, Alfred University

2015                MAPCJournal, Tradition and Innovation in Print Media, “To The Builders”

2014                JohnGilmour Award for Outstanding Senior Interdisciplinary Art Major


2017                SouthernGraphics Council International, Atlanta, GA

2016                SouthernGraphics Council International, Portland, OR

2014                SouthernGraphics Council International, San Francisco, CA

2013                SouthernGraphics Council International, Milwaukee, WI


2017                PrivateCollection of Myles Calvert

2016                SilverLake Brewing Project, Tales of aPatriarch (suite of 16 prints)

2015                PrivateCollection of Kim and Kyle Turner, Talesof a Patriarch (suite of 16 prints)

2014                PrivateCollection of Moniuszko Social Club

                        PrivateCollection of World War II Veterans Club

                        PrivateCollection of Dunkirk Firemen Exempts’ Club

                        PrivateCollection of Dunkirk Conservation Club


2017                Michael Kempson: laser cut woodblocks, USA,24x36; Domino Effect, 36x24

                        Jenny Robinson: lasercut woodblocks, Parcel B Hunters Point,4.00pm, 24x36; Counterpart, 48x36

                        Scott Stephens: laser cut woodblock, Untitled,24x36

                        Chad Latz, PhotopolymerIntaglio and Screenprint, J-M267 Yellow,XxX; J-M267 Blue, XxX; Photopolymer   

                        Intaglio, Viscosity Roll, Screenprint,  J-M267 Yellow Gold, XxX; J-M267 Blue Gold, XxX


2017                Design for The Dirty Boy Choir,Buffalo, NY

2016                Design for ¡LOMO!¡LOMO! foodtruck, Buffalo, NY

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