Tim Pauszek is an artist/printmaker born and raised in Dunkirk, New York, a stones throw away from Lake Erie. He has a BA in interdisciplinary art and chemistry from Alfred University and is working towards an MFA by Research from the University of New South Wales Art & Design. He was employed as the two dimensional technician in drawing, painting, photography, and printmaking at Alfred University and the Press Studio Manager at Megalo Print Studio in Canberra, ACT. He is  currently the sound editor for pine|copper|lime - the internet's number one printmaking podcast. His work has been exhibited in Australia, China, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 

Mom's Spoons

Mom’s Spoons is a series of stone lithographs of my mother’s travel spoons completed at Megalo Print Studio in Canberra, ACT. They was shown in a group exhibition with Katy Mutton and Stedman Watts entitled Saudade: The Presence of Absence. The work explores working-class relationships to trinkets as life markers and memories of loved ones.

Modern Baseball

Modern Baseball is a series of paintings referencing my father’s sign paintings completed for the Dunkirk, NY, Little League Baseball field and Ellsworth Kelly’s Red, Yellow, Blue III (1966). It was exhibited at AD Space in Sydney, NSW, Australia. The work explores the relationship between manual and intellectual labour and questions the role that content and context play in assigning value.

Shirts That Smell Like Yellow

Shirts That Smell Like Yellow is a series of paintings created by my father over a thirty plus year career in a factory manufacturing offset lithography ink. Acting as Duchampian Curator, I fit the work shirts over stretchers, hung them in a gallery, and wrote of them as art and of him as artist. The paintings were exhibited at The Workers Cottage Studio and Gallery in Ainslie, ACT,Australia, on May Day.

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